Ever have that GC moment when you had to use your lunch hour to run an errand, feed or walk Fido or stand in that loooooonnnnnnngggg line at the post office? Or maybe you worked a long and exhausting day and settled for a meal consisting of junk food because you were too tired to go to the grocery store. One-time GC resident Garvin Walker understands these basic needs and frustrations. So much so that he and his husband saw a “Grand” business opportunity with their new delivery service, High Mountain Express.

HME is that company you call when you need something. “We are the people you call to get your day done! With a few noted exceptions (alcohol, marijuana, ID required prescriptions, etc.) we will run your errands and deliver items to you,” explained Walker.

Garvin is originally from Alabama where his family owned a flooring store. After many years of service, the family closed their doors in 2008. Branching out on his own, he moved to Washington DC, took a government contract position but eventually realized that fast-paced city life wasn’t for him. He moved to Colorado in 2016 and never looked back.

“We’ve resided in Colorado for three years and lived in Grand County just shy a year. When we came here for the first time it only took a day for us to realize how amazing and special Grand County is”.

“My husband and I moved to Grand County in July 2018 to start working at Devils Thumb Ranch. While in GC we soon saw the lack of convenience that we ourselves were used to in the city.” Unfortunately, Walker was recently injured in a training accident requiring regular treatment on the Front Range where he and his spouse have been staying. He’s adamant however that his focus is HME for Grand County.

“We’ve started with the process of talking with people, learning about their needs and have created a plan to start delivering in the area. We intend on offering services like picking up your groceries, taking your parcels to the post office and even making sure your puppy gets to the vet on time. We can run most errands for you and take care of your day to day needs so you can concentrate on other duties like your work, childcare and more.”

“We’d also like to do large item pick-ups and or disposals like large furniture, and we’ve been working with various eating establishments for restaurant delivery. We recently registered our service on the Work in Grand Resource Page, listed a delivery person position on the Jobs Portal and are finalizing the design of our own webpage where people can view our offerings and make special requests.”

We wish Garvin and his spouse well with HME and look forward to the endless possibilities of their delivery services. https://www.workingrand.com/employer/hmecolorado/

Tracy Navarrete