This year is the 10th anniversary of Colorado Gives Day which falls on December 10, 2019. Colorado Gives is a statewide movement that encourages the support of local non-profits through donations by individual entities.

Grand County has a multitude of non-profits that you can give to. We will highlight and share county non-profit information up until Colorado Gives Day. For a complete list, you can search on the Colorado Gives page and enter the zip code of your favorite non-profit.

20 years ago, Grand Beginnings formed the Grand and Jackson County Early Childhood Council which is a partnership between community leaders and members. They promote a child-centered school readiness system that nurtures early learning by educating family members on early child health and development through quality, early learning environments. Grand Beginnings works to bring a dozen state, federal, and private funding streams to Grand and Jackson Counties.

Blue Star Connection works with musical therapists and children in various hospitals and clinics. They host numerous fundraisers and concerts nationwide including the annual Blues From the Top concert in Winter Park. They also provide musical instruments for children and young adults with illnesses like cancer and other challenges. To date, Blue Star Connection has reached over 1000 children and donated musical gear to 80 Children’s Hospitals and Music Therapy programs.

The Grand County Search and Rescue Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with a fully qualified team of local men and women who help people who are lost or injured in our scenic, yet unforgiving mountain terrain. GCSR was founded in the 70’s and by the mid 90’s became a fully accredited member of the national Mountain Rescue Association. GCSR is funded by donations, fundraisers, and grants that are used to obtain and maintain all-season vehicles, repair and replace gear like ropes, climbing hardware, radios, medical equipment, and more. All services rendered by GCSR are free.

The Grand County Advocates Group is a non-profit whose mission is to end domestic and sexual violence in the Grand County community. They foster equality in relationships and help victims of abuse assume power over their own lives. GCAG provides many services including a 24-hour Confidential Crisis Line, emergency safe housing, courtroom advocacy and so much more.

Tracy Navarrete