The major concern in all humanity today is Energy Conservation and the threat of Global warming.

Almost anywhere you go you are bound to find people talking about how, when, and for some skeptics, whether to contribute to the global movement which has garnered the support of peer groups, all over the world.

However, there is one concern that is being overlooked by the many adopting ways of reduction in energy consumption and the prevention of Global Warming. The means of energy consumption today delivers the very little gain, but spread over their longevity, is multiplied many times over.

Though, it is rarely seen that due consideration is given to the energy costs of producing the very means of saving energy. The energy cost of producing a Solar Water Pump and it’s accessories is $X. However, the saving from the same is a decimal fraction of the $X, which when accumulated over the years, will only barely cover the cost of the equipment.

The innovative thought process is the need of the day to balance out the cost of production of the Energy Conservation equipment and the benefits born out of the same.

The following examples give an eye-opening insight that should prompt the environmentalists to frame policies and redirect the efforts towards truly energy-efficient efforts.

The most prolific example is that of an e-scooter which was considered to be a harbinger of energy-efficient technology. However, do consider the fact that the production of e-scooters, its batteries, wheels, frame and the energy required to charge these vehicles give rise to Greenhouse gases, contrary to the claim that they are zero-emission modes of transport.

Water bottles made of aluminum and steel are promoted as environmentally friendly. However, Aluminium is produced from Aluminium Bauxite ores, the smelting process itself emits enormous amounts of Greenhouse gasses as does the production of steel.

Another trailblazer in the field of green energy is the Solar Panels. High temperatures are required to produce the panels and its accessories, which requires the consumption of fossil fuels in enormous quantities. Even the recycling of the material gives rise to an enormous Carbon footprint.

The residents of the pristine and salubrious Grand County, Colorado need to be cautious and aware of all the facts before blindly following any growing trend. Their ultimate concern should be safeguarding the efforts to keep the County and its environment safe and sound.

Steven Smith