Grand County’s regulatory permits point towards a burgeoning Construction Industry which points toward an economic rebound in the County. The County’s building permits have touched the peak in the past two years, and the industry is positively optimistic about the future.

With the emergence of the housing industry in Grand County, Colorado, a multitude of employment vacancies has arisen. Some of these jobs have already been listed in the portal, which has gradually emerged as a valuable resource for the residents of the County.

The development of the County has given rise to an expanding population with the associated necessity of more housing units and the consequent construction of the same. The influx of a transient workforce, a major part of whom would opt to settle in the Grand County itself, after experiencing the rejuvenating environment, one of the lowest crime occurrences, excellent educational resources, and congenial neighborhood.

The migrant population, consisting of the construction workforce’s majority, can also be filled up with the present residents with the stamina, hard work and determination required by the Construction industry, in general. Else the entire migrant population will have to house within the County unless they are already residing within accessible distance.

Steven Smith