Enterprising families who contributed to make Grand County a great place to work, live and play

KITTIE AND ANNIE HARBISON- The sisters who are believed to be pioneers in the field of entrepreneurship in Grand County, Colorado have some worthy followers. It has become one ideal places for being the place where enterprising families want to live and work.

The Brower family which is behind several new business ventures in Grand Lake that are sure to enrich the experiences of visitors and locals alike while helping the local economy. Their entrepreneurship in bringing the farm to table concept of local sourcing of produce gives much-required impetus to the local residents. With further ventures on the drawing board, the family continues to further their goals of enrichment of local enterprises and economic development of Grand County and its residents.

The family epitomizes the goals of Grand County’s Economic Development, which is to help people understand That it is possible to succeed while working in a place where you can live and play.

There is no dearth of talent in Grand County and their quality is astounding. All it requires is creating outlets for those with entrepreneurship spirit looking to showcase their craft. The Creative District of Grand County will facilitate to guide the Entrepreneurs with the opportunity to live and work and make a living doing what they love.

The enterprising talent of Grand County, Colorado needs to follow the lead of their peers and can seek guidance from these leading lights to follow their own goals and achieve success both for themselves and the community which epitomizes the spirit of Grand County, Colorado.

Steven Smith