Grand County’s valiant effort to bring together the residents of the largest county in Colorado and provide the medium to participate in an interactive and socially cooperative has been achieved with the emergence of, a web portal for and by the residents of Grand County.

The portal provides the residents with the means of access to vital information regarding Jobs, Housing, Resources, Events and also a discussion Forum, where various topics can be discussed and opinions exchanged for mutual benefit.

Grand County Economic Development(GCED), the mentor for this project, had employment and housing as a beacon to support local businesses and residents. The people coming into Grand County will find the portal an invaluable asset to gain an insight into the prevailing life-style in Grand County, browse for housing and find resources pertaining to his/her preferences. However, the goal is to have it be an important resource for the locals as well.

The portal was launched in April and already it boasts more than 120 jobs and numerous housing opportunities and has successfully initiated and exchange between the stakeholders and users. Jobs can be searched and short-listed as per preferred locations and types. This makes it easier for the job-seeker to locate and find vacancies as per his or her abilities and talent and is thus extremely beneficial for both employers and the candidates.

Similarly, the housing section provides houses, condominiums, and room-shares which are listed by location, which facilitates searches for one’s specific needs.

Resources that everyone requires, right from repair work to nursing and childcare, gardening to pet care are provided for and listed, with the added benefit of search filters. If you are looking for a babysitter or a nurse, look no further as the resource is listed just there.

Grand County is blessed with many events. The portal provides for a Events page, wherein the upcoming events are listed and detailed, location-wise, in such a manner that allows the resident to plan for their leisure time.

The tool is here, now we need you to get engaged, register your employment needs and housing opportunities, or events, and encourage your friends and employees to participate. This interactive community development portal,, and its services are available, click and explore!

Steven Smith