Grand County, Colorado, is a community known to be amiable, cordial, neighborly, warm, genial and benevolent one. The community has a very low number of senior citizens, i.e. persons above 65 years of age, roughly 17.6% of the estimated 15,000 population..

The responsibility of the community lies in ensuring that these seniors are facilitated with an independent life, even in their elder years.Don’t you feel this would be the just felicitation for their years of dedication and service to the community?

With the lower density of population with approximately 2.5 persons/per household, the community can easily strive to provide affordable housing and facilities to the elderly population.

A perfect example to be emulated is the one set by Pescueza, Extremadura in Spain to create a Pensioner Friendly Community for its two thirds population aged above 65.

The population who have served their responsibility in their active life deserve the respect and humility from the rest of the community and it is the peers of the Grand County, Colorado to ensure they get their due honors, without fail.

Grand County, Colorado has shown greatness in their far reaching thoughtfulness and foresight, and no doubt, with a little bit of impetus they can be persuaded to embark upon the problems faced by the senior citizens and ensure the eradication of the same.

Steven Smith