Hot Air Ballooning

Far from the maddening crowd, riding on hot air- Hot Air Ballooning

You can enjoy spectacular flights over the Winter Park and Fraser Valley year-round. This is such a unique experience, giving you a bird’s eye view of the Continental Divide, peaks into Rocky Mountain National Park and all the beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests within. You can pick pine cones from treetops, spot wildlife, splash & dash in the waters and get a history tour of the area. Surrounded by majestic mountain peaks Grand County is a beautiful and gentle place for young & old to take a hot air balloon ride. If there is a better way to discover the wonders of the Rockies, we are yet to discover the same. A tranquil way to explore the RMNP lets you celebrate with a traditional post-flight champagne toast once you touch down.

A hot air balloon ride is a great way to celebrate a special occasion or make any occasion special any time of year. Flights are approximately one hour, depending on landing site availability, wind direction, and fuel consumption. Flights are available year round and are scheduled at sunrise when the atmosphere is most stable and breezes are gentle.

Because you become one with the wind, you lose the sensations of movement and perception of heights, you begin to feel the peacefulness and tranquility of ballooning. The languid movements of the gondola, at the will of nature, can be a thrilling experience and at times can be one which will make your adrenaline levels boost. The operators have vast experience in the activity and have unparalleled safety records.

Low-level contour flying allows spotting wildlife, picking pinecones from treetops, flying over the train, stagecoach stops, and splash and dashing in a nearby pond or river.

All that you need to do is gather up clothing to ward off the weather and get aboard the ride of your choice and rejoice in an activity which promises to enthrall across all ages.

Steven Smith