The County of Grand County, Colorado has a dearth of resources required to kick start an industrial activity, with the exception of those that are dependent on forest produce like timber and minor products like honey and other forestry bi products. With vast open pastures, dairy is another venture that offers good potential for growth and development.

There has been some obvious efforts to step up the dairy industry, but a lot more is required to establish this niche industry as a stalwart in Grand County with well curated hand holdings and impetus that only the local Government can facilitate, to push this neglected segment to the forefront. The potential of this segment to provide employment and a healthy product, is more than adequate projection of Grand County’s healthier prospective, as a resource drawing initiative.

With Dairy comes packaging and food processing and the list goes on and on, so initially the impetus for promotion of self sustaining Dairy farms requires the stakeholders initiative and with the momentum, others will follow suit. Production of forestry bi-products like honey on an industrial scale does require planning and resource allocation which is almost always beyond the reach of entrepreneurs and provides opportunities to the local self government to ensure all round growth and sustainability to localized commercial growth opportunities.

For a county like Grand County, Colorado the choices have to be culled from available opportunities, locally and suited to the present residents and their aptitude and abilities. Training and development of local manpower resources to serve the local industrial opportunities will always allow for balanced and sustainable growth opportunities and development of the community and its constituents.

Steven Smith