The undaunted power of the written word, as a medium for dissemination of ideas and opinions, is held up in esteem all over the civilized society. The development of society is dependent upon the availability of written words, for the free flow of intellectual ideas and thoughts, and the resources that make them available to the public leads to greater intellectual growth and development.

Libraries in the Grand County, Colorado have a respectable place in the community to make available the resources of the written word, and its efforts are worth emulating in the spread of the power to be gained from knowledge.

Shared thoughts, through written words and the space made available to like minds to gather and disseminate their knowledge, goes a long way in mentoring literacy, awareness and longing for such places lead to greater libraries and nurseries for the generation of the future.

Celebration of the existence of the written words is perpetual through better libraries- a space where both literates and the aspirant literates come together to acquire knowledge for fun or learning, or simply to have a fun-filled evening.

The free society evolves through the spread of the written word and no place is better than the excellent resources developed by the Grand County Library District’s units spread all over Grand County and helping the development of the prosperous County.

Steven Smith