Almighty has made each and every one of us with creativity imbued into us.

The level of creativity in you can be different from the creativity shown by your siblings. The level of creativeness in you can make you compose and take amazing photographs, but the creativeness in your sibling can make him make soulful music.

Creativity has to be nurtured and taken adequate care to enable it to emerge in outstanding ways and that is a praiseworthy effort envisaged and promoted by Grand County- Space to Create.

Artisans need space, space to live and space to practice their livelihood. You shouldn’t wonder whether you are or are not creative. Whether you take photographs, cook, write, design homes, construct new homes design websites or are an actor. You are creative and deserve Space to Create.

Grand County, in its continuous effort for nurturing creativity, is conducting a survey to enable the population to express its views on this subject. Please participate and encourage your near and dear ones to participate in this survey and make it a grand success.

Do let the voice of the people, the people who care emerge loud and clear, and make this effort be one that will make residents of Grand County be proud of life, till eternity. An effort worth emulating all over Grand County and beyond its borders. Let the creative people of the United States of America know that Grand County cares and nurtures the artisans and intends to provide Space To Create.

  • Do you?
  • You live, work in Grand County or want to live, work in Grand County?
  • Do you need housing in Grand County?
  • Do you nee tod space-to-create?
  • You are an emerging artist?
  • Do you support the arts?
  • You would like to see more year-round creative businesses in Grand County?

Let your voice and the Voice of Grand County be heard. Participate in this survey: (

Steven Smith