The habit of reading, when nurtured in early childhood, is a habit to be cherished all lifelong. The avid reader is never lonely or forlorn, always having something to read, most probably a book from his or her own collection or borrowed from the friendly neighborhood library.

Libraries have been in existence since 2600 BC, and while the earliest ones boasted of manuscripts on stone tablets or palmyra, much unlike the modern library which apart from the collection of books and periodicals also hold electronic media and networked computers enabling readers to browse through innumerable sources of written and digitized material from the universe of internet connected world.

Residents of Grand County, Co., have an excellent and trail blazing library the Grand County Library District (GCLD) having 6 different locations spread all over Grand County, thus making it an easily accessible resource for the benefit of Grand County residents. The libraries of Grand County can be easily located vide the resource pages of

It’s more than books; with RB digital magazines, the world’s largest newsstand, learn a new language through Rosetta Stone is now available to all Patrons, join a book club, access on line business tools, etc. Grand County residents only need to have a local residence address to obtain a library card and then can access all their resources!