Grand County, in the heart of Colorado, has shown exceptional sensitivity towards the provision of jobs, housing, healthcare and other amenities to the residents of the County. The County endeavors to make the necessary efforts and strives for the welfare of the community and deserves kudos for the same.

The Grand County has in place a rental assistance program Monitored by The Grand Foundation in partnership with the Leadership for a Sustainable Community Committee called the Grand County Housing Assistance Fund.

This collaborative effort came into play following concerns regarding the needs in the community for economic sustainability. They targeted the housing issues the constituents of Grand County currently face. The projects take heed and are very much aligned with the County’s goals for efforts to address housing shortages, diversify employment and economic revenue sources, and to improve the County’s community infrastructure. It is classified as a Designated Fund of the Grand Foundation and is designed to provide housing assistance to eligible applicants.

The community grows, healthy and wealthy when they live in a healthy environment with adequate resources of income and an enjoyable neighborhood.

Check the availability of the same for your benefit at Please note that the next deadlines for applications are February 27, 2020, and May 31, 2020.

Steven Smith