Counties like the Grand County, Colorado which is geographically isolated have a high volume of residential properties that are prominently put up for long term lease and seasonal rentals.

These properties attract the affluent class, a community which is class apart, who can afford to migrate to better locales, for reasons varying from health to play. There is a multitude of people who have to move to a more conducive environment for ailments and related recovery processes, and there are those who do it as they are able to afford the seasonal move with no strain on their wealth.

The salubrious environment of the grandest of the grand, Grand County, Colorado is perhaps the most preferred location for such short term and long term rentals, and it is developing as a trend, which is made evident from the rental advertisements that you see on the websites that promote rentals, akin to, amongst others.

The advantage that Grand County Holds over others is the plentiful locations and facilities offering outdoor activities and facilities that promote outdoor life and the connected feeling of wellness. Along with the available facilities is the growing trend of easily affordable and comfortable short term and long term rentals and leases which are evident from the year on year growth in the number of incumbents to the County, with repeat visits annually. If the present trend is an indication, the visitors to the County will, in season, outnumber the permanent residents, and this can be either a boon for the community or a bane, depending on how the situation is handled by the Community leaders and the residents themselves.

We do hope that strict community welfare drives the community forward as to how to handle and regulate this migratory population and control the growth prospects with the entire community in mind.

Steven Smith