The altitude and the comparable colder climate of the grandest of grand, Grand County, Colorado make it one of the ideal places for a Solar Power Project. The recent inauguration and synchronization of the 1 million watts Solar Power plant in Fraser lead the way to the establishment of more such renewable energy power plants in the County. The availability of affordable means of power and that too renewable will go a long way to spur growth in the Grand County, Colorado.

The residents of this grandest of grand, Grand County which is also famous for abundant natural resources, clean environment, clear lakes, and water bodies, and premium outdoor recreational opportunities are one of the luckiest and fortunate to have renewable means of the energy within their reach.

The cost of implementing solar energy systems is falling every moment, due to the availability of affordable solar panels, which by an estimate have fallen by about 20% from the prices prevailing 10 years ago. This goes a long way in making power available to the residents cheaper than the power generated by traditional fossil fuel plants, which also have the disadvantage of pollution and related issues.

This proves to be a boon for the residents and the administrators of Grand County, Colorado and harbors the era of clean and affordable power in this exciting county, which is already well known as one of the healthiest in the country.

Grand County endeavors to bring in sunshine to its residents by harnessing the clean energy of the sun, for the betterment of the residents of this county.

Steven Smith