The lack of proper and systematic recruitment and staffing agencies in the Grand County, Colorado has arisen consequent to the paucity of opportunities as well the reluctance of the local enterprises to engage such agencies.

Looking into the scenario, any recruitment or staffing agency entails that both the candidates and employers are liable to expenditure which in the present environment is nullified with the emergence of the portal for which none of the stakeholders, neither the Employer nor the candidate, have to shell out a dime.

The recruitment and staffing agencies usually work as a routing go-between, culling the applicants for a particular position. The portal facilitates this very process within its structure and strives to eliminates all the intermediate process, and facilitates a smooth and obstruction-free process.

The usual process of the recruitment and staffing agencies is of maintaining a database of prospective candidates and cull the same for any available opportunities and submit the same to the Employers. However, a major drawback of the said system is that usually, the database is outdated and obsolete when received by the Employer.

In contrast, the online portals akin to portal eliminates this sort of glitch and provides up to date information to the Employer regarding the candidate for his or her consideration.

Steven Smith