Altruism is the seed for volunteers.

The very act of serving someone else without expecting anything in return, otherwise known as altruism is the seed of volunteering.

Volunteers serve the needs of others, either individually or in a group, selflessly, expecting neither praise or payment for the same. This service brings out the humanity in themselves. Volunteers gain from their efforts by expanding their skill sets, gaining different perspectives, and developing new friendships with people they may not have had the pleasure of getting to know otherwise. They provide service to those in need in the community but also inspire others to volunteer, multiplying their efforts.

Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross are some of the major international organizations who are present in Grand County to serve at times of disaster or natural calamity. And there are many local organizations that depend on volunteers to get accomplish their mission. Grand Volunteers is where the organizations and citizens of Grand County, Colorado, connect to enrich their community through volunteer opportunities.

Some of the fields where one can serve as a volunteer in Grand County include Arts & Culture, Community Services, Health & Human Service and Environmental Preservation. The organizations of Grand County which provide opportunities include National Sports Center for the Disabled, Grand County Historical Association, Grand County Rural Health Network and Project Sanctuary just to name a few.

The populace of Grand County is fortunate to have a vast plethora of volunteering opportunities so join in and gather the satisfaction from altruism. Choose your organization and get out there!

Steven Smith