Salubrious environment, friendly neighborhoods, congenial atmosphere are the things that come to mind, while describing the grandest of the grand, Grand County, Colorado. A community of very close-knit families living together in a County that thrives to provide not only the basic amenities but also advance ones like the portal.

A Community that thrives or orderly development, bit does not deprive the Community members of the touch and feel of nature in the purest form. A Community that has learned to live with the mighty mountains as well a numerous rivers and other water bodies in unison, mutually respecting the boundaries of nature and also helping the other stakeholders to thrive,

Grand County communities era orderly and peace-loving, a fact that is borne out by the comparatively low levels of crimes and disorderly behavior, striving to build a strong and self-sustaining community with the cooperation of the local self-governance. This semi-isolated mountain community is well known for its resources for outdoor and sports activities, which is limited, by nature to only a part of the year. This, in turn, makes the Community relying on the tourist population, for the most part of the year, and provides the monetary means required for the betterment and further development thereof. The County boasts of excellent medical facilities and has exemplary medical personnel, who have become a part of this healthy Community is out to set goals for healthy living.

On the whole, this is a community whose residents can boast of being the population that thrives in cooperation and also drives the local self-governance to go with the local populace and provide the best of all facilities and environment.

Steven Smith