The emergence of the WorkInGrand portal as a major resource for the community of residents from Grand County. This is evolving into a popular way to spread the word about jobs available in the County, and spreading the word worldwide, beyond the realms of even Colorado.

The jobs available on the portal are being made known to grassroots folks, by the constant efforts of the promoters vide Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the others which multiplies the mere postings manifold. Sooner or later this concerted effort of the portal will bring in the incumbents to spur healthy competition and create an environment which prompts growth and development of the County as a wholesome, healthy and productive one.

Grand County, Colorado has definitely moved ahead of many others to lead the way by taking up the challenge and the initiative to launch the WIG portal is worth emulating. This very progressive and futuristic system will sustain both the County and its workforce, the mainstay of any healthy community, mostly for the better Grand County.

The portal, which lists the jobs available in an extremely lucid manner, along with the vigorous marketing efforts will no doubt show results envisaged while kickstarting the nascent and trailblazing initiative of GCED.

Steven Smith