Grand County Economic Development(GCED) grand outreach for the benefit of the residents of Grand County is an effort worth emulating in other counties of the US of A.

The sponsored portal provides the residents of the County with numerous resources to make their lives simpler and easier, with jobs, accommodation, resources and events that occur all over this magnificent County, and over and above the utility factor all these resources are available for free to the residents of this County and intending visitors.

This egregious effort of the GCED to make the residents enabled and always in the know, is a commendable enterprise, and given the ongoing interactions between the various stakeholders can be termed as a successful initiative.

The residents and the intending visitors gain tangible insights to the various factors that make life a wee bit easier and less cumbersome.

The jobs on the portal are listed both by categories and location and makes it easier for the job seekers to find the job that is best suited for the applicants according to their situation, training and other considerations. Similarly the housing, detailed with vital details make it easier for the seekers to home in the best options, without wasting efforts towards footfalls and unnecessary legwork.

The events page, fed and updated by local stakeholders make it easier for the residents of the County and visitors, both to locate and find suitable after hours engagements and events to liven up the life. This commendable effort and enterprise shown by GCED is proving to truly beneficial for the overall benefit and growth of this County.

Another aspect that can be highlighted herein is the Government- Population interactive development initiative which makes it a model worth emulating.

Steven Smith