Grand County Business Reopening

Letter to Grand County Business Owners (4/28/20)


Dear Business Owners,

Our community has done an incredible job of staying home, social distancing, and only traveling when necessary. We have not seen a significant increase in positive COVID-19 cases in our county over the past month, and we have been able to increase testing capabilities. As long as our small, rural healthcare system is able to operate without being overwhelmed, we are able to move into the next phase of “reopening” our county and our economy.

The Grand County Public Health Department is issuing a Standing Public Health Order related to COVID-19 Mitigation and Suppression that went into effect yesterday, April 27, 2020. This Order closely mirrors Governor Polis’ “Safer-At-Home” Order that went into effect yesterday as well. Links to the Orders are listed below.

The purpose of Grand County’s Plan is to allow businesses to slowly open up on a limited basis to prevent a surge in COVID-19 cases, and to keep our medical systems from becoming overwhelmed.

Grand County’s Plan provides requirements for each business sector to reopen and operate. As part of the reopening process, each business must complete and submit a “COVID-19 Compliance Verification Form(Preview the Form before attempting to complete) to Grand County Public Health. If all of the criteria are met, an approval message will be displayed automatically along with materials that businesses will need to print and display on site.Hotels and other places of accommodation (but not VRBO or Airbnb rentals) will be available for guests to rent beginning on May 22, 2020. Properties should begin the verification process now in order to host those guests. The state of Colorado is not allowing “private, short-term vacation-style rentals” (unless used for public health response) until May 26, 2020.

To promote the cautious and measured countywide business reopening, Work in Grand is launching the “Keep Grand Safe, Keep Grand Healthy” campaign to move our economy forward again as safely and smartly as possible. Grand County’s Work in Grand group, Business Emergency Recovery Team (BERT), and your local Chambers of Commerce are here to answer questions and concerns. We will all work together to help business owners and their customers “Keep Grand Safe and Keep Grand Healthy!”


The Business Emergency Response Team (BERT)


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