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Company Description

DK Hardware Supply Store is the top sellers of Hardware Supply Store in the United States. Established in 2008 the store was originally opened in Miami Beach, Florida, and served local markets for many successful years. We are among the limited online hardware supply stores in the USA by providing customers with an immediate and convenient option to buy hardware without going to an actual physical store.

Opened in 2008, in Miami Beach, Florida, DK hardware supply sells all kinds of hardware tools, accessories for basically everything that has four walls and that covers automotive too. In 2008, we were one of a few retailers who broke the culture of shopping through physical stores. We brought everything online so that a customer can order while he is planning for the endeavor and utilize the time saved doing other important stuff. It is really easy to shop on our website.

We have categorically arranged a wide range of products in a user-friendly way. This arrangement not only helps a professional in finding what he needs but also helps an enthusiastic DIYer to get the right product for his needs. Everything has been made so easy that you can look for any product and order it while doing other things like enjoying a hot cup of coffee or while chatting to your friends sideways.

A detailed description of the product is already made available so that you make a suitable choice according to your desire but everybody knows that things don’t always go the way as they were planned. Keeping this thought in mind, we give a whole month to return a product in the same condition as it was delivered to you.

Every retailer knows that customers love clearance sales and we are no exception. So, if you are a frequent visitor of our website and it is your lucky day, you may find some things which you left only out on your last visits because they were taking a large chunk of your budget.

Our endeavors in all these years have made us an international company. Besides serving the needs of our domestic customers, we also look over the needs of Canadians. Global giants like CRL, STANLEY, JACKSON have recognized our worth and efforts and that is why they are on board with us.


Our Products: door stops, pivots, window casement, shower curtain rods, door closers, towel bars, astragals, door kick plates, mirror hangers, caulking tools, j-channel, leveling tools, shower door seals, shower knobs, mirror clips, blank keys, commercial door locks, door pulls, shower door handles, door holders, pass thru window, aluminum u channels