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Company Description

Livetecs LLC is a leading provider of web-based business products and custom software solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We are over nine years in the software development market. We have thousands of small and medium sized customers. We also provides integrated solutions to manage customers, employees and projects.

Timesheet Tracker helps you to track the working hours, productivity, expenses of your staff and generates reports quickly. TimeLive is a very simple to use Online Timesheet Software with plenty of powerful features that help you to track the time and expenses efficiently and accurately from anywhere. You can manage and Track Your Time & Expense Reporting on Timelive Timesheet Tracker On-Premises or On-Demand Version.

How many of us actually get to do what we wanted to do but still, we need to do what we have to do. How to make the best of your time?  Plan before you start. Planning ahead is extremely important before you start anything. You need to know how you are going to do something before you actually indulge in. It doesn’t matter how brilliant you are, but if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Plan your day when you wake up and plan before you start a task. Keep your priorities straight with employee time tracking app

Once you have planned ahead, make a note. Schedule your time. Remember how you used to sit in exams when you were a kid? In the allotted time you had to answer all the questions. How did you schedule your answers then? Use the same process to schedule your time for each task. Stick to the time allocated, well unless you have to be creative to come up with new ideas. Ideation is a process which needs a different approach that can’t be limited with time, but speeded up with different stimuli. When you are scheduling time for a task, keep a small buffer of few minutes before you start with it. Use this time to get in the groove and to set your mind on the task at hand. You will be starting with your task. Start on time by choosing right employee time tracking app. It’s very important to start on time as it sets the tone.