The Grand County Animal Shelter promotes and protects public safety and animal care through sheltering, pet placement programs, education, and animal law enforcement. The Shelter’s purpose is to provide responsive, efficient, and high-quality animal care and control services that preserve and protect public and animal safety.

The Shelter is a small facility, with 3 full-time animal care and control officers, that falls under the jurisdiction of the Grand County Sheriff’s Office. There are 12 outdoor dog runs, 12 indoor dog kennels and two cat rooms with a maximum capacity for 12 dogs and 18 cats.

Grand County Pet Pals is the supportive arm of the Grand County Animal Shelter. It is the local organization dedicated to responsible pet ownership, animal health and spay/neuter of pets in the County. Your help is greatly needed! Learn more about ways you can support and get involved at https://gcpetpals.org/
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